Instant Processing

Instant Processing is available for the following payment types
  • Interac Online Payments
  • Account Balance Payments
  • Flexepin Voucher Payments
To qualify for instant processing of your order (once payment is received), your account needs to meet certain criteria. Critera is specific to each payment type. Eg. an Interac Online transaction does not qualify for Flexepin requirements.
  • Days since first transaction must be greater than 14
  • Total CAD volume must be greater than $1000
  • Total number of transactions must be greater than 5
  • Hours since last instant transaction must be greater than 24
The maximum CAD amount that can qualify for Instant Payment is $500

*** under some circumstances, instant payment might not be available. We do not guarantee any purchase will be processed instantly, even if your account and transaction meets all the necessary criteria.