April 23 2017   We now offer DASH! To learn more about dash, visit

April 13 2017   Office Hours for Easter Weekend: Closed Friday April 14th, Closed Monday April 17th. We will reopen Tuesday April 18th @ 9AM

April 5 2017   We're Hiring! Part-time customer service representative (4-16 hrs/week). IN OTTAWA OFFICE. Send resumes to [email protected]

March 17 2017   Please Note we will be closing the office at 1PM on Friday March 17th to go drink green beer.

Dec 23 2016   Please Note our Holiday Hours. Our OFFICE will CLOSE on Friday December 23 at 12:00 NOON, and reopen on Tuesday January 3rd at 9AM. Online orders will be processed sporadically throughout the holidays however expect delays due to bank holidays.

Dec 19 2016   We now accept Chip&Pin Debit Transactions in person at our office!   This works with both standard debit cards, and the newer co-branded hybrid debit/credit cards.

Dec 2 2016   Miner Fees! Please note the bitcoin network has been extremely busy lately. If you are selling to us, consider at least DOUBLING the default miner fee, from 40 satoshis/byte to 80 satoshis/byte. If you are buying from us, please be aware that we always pay at least 80 satoshis/byte to ensure you receive your Bitcoins in a timely manner, however there is still no guarantees it will always be included in the next block. If you are seeing an unconfirmed transaction for longer than usual, please be patient, it will likely confirm soon since we pay such a high miner fee.

September 13 2016   Flexepin Payments are now available. Flexepin Vouchers can be purchased at 6000+ locations across Canada and redeemed on our site directly to purchase coins, or to deposit into your Canadian Bitcoins Balance.

September 12 2016   We strongly recommend all users enable Two-Factor Authentication on their account, ESPECIALLY those who are now storing a CAD balance with us. Click the Security Center link to enable 2FA. We will be adding more security features in the coming days.

September 8 2016   We now offer the ability to deposit CAD funds directly to your account balance to be held for purchase a later date! This DEPOSIT functionality is available for all payment methods! This will help alleviate the price fluctuations when using slow payment methods such as Direct Debit and Bill Payments for all verified users.

August 18 2016   Please note Moxipay payment method will be REMOVED on Friday August 26th. If you have balances with Moxipay you wish to use to purchase from us, please ensure you make the payment before August 26th.

July 20 2016   Ethereum orders have been re-enabled on the forked blockchain.

July 19 2016   Due to the Ethereum Hard Fork Wednesday morning, we will be suspending all ETH orders Tuesday evening, and only re-enabling once the hard fork has been resolved by consensus of a clearly winning chain. Likely later Wednesday afternoon/evening

July 7 2016   With the looming Canada Post Strike, all outbound Cash/XpressPost mail orders will be sent via an alternative courier until the Canada Post dispute is resolved.

June 28 2016   We now support buying and selling Ethereum (ETH)! Use the toggle buttons at the top-right to switch between supported crypto currencies!

June 21 2016   For a short period today the 'Validate' button was non-functional when placing a new purchase order. It has now been fixed. Our apologies for the inconvenience. If you tried to place an order but couldn't, please try again now.

June 20 2016   Please help us support B.A.R.K. Ottawa. Fundraising goal 5.0 BTC

June 10 2016   Please help us support B.A.R.K. Ottawa. Fundraising goal 5.0 BTC

Mar 31 2016   Our office will be closed Friday April 1st. Sorry for any inconvenience

Mar 24 2016   Please be aware that our office will be closed over Easter. We will be closed from Friday March 25th to Monday March 28th. We will Reopen on Tuesday March 29th

Feb 16 2016   Our Office will be CLOSED for Family Day on Monday February 16th. We will re-open on Tuesday February 17th.

Jan 4 2016   'Instant Processing' of Interac Online purchases are now functioning again.

Dec 31 2015   Due to changes in our Interac Online upstream provider, 'Instant Processing' of Interac Online purchases have been temporarily disabled. Interac Online transactions will still be processed manually.

Dec 24 2015   Our Office will be CLOSED for the holidays on Thursday December 24th at 12 noon and will re-open on Monday January 4th. Online transactions will be processed daily over the holidays.

Nov 10 2015   Our Office will be CLOSED on Wednesday November 11th for Remembrance Day. We will re-open Thursday November 12th.

Nov 2 2015   Inbound payments using Pre-Authorized Direct Debit are now available to verified account holders (Extra PAD authorizaiton required). This method will work with ALL Canadian Banks.

Oct 29 2015   Bill payments and In-Person Bill Payments via TAYPE INTERNATIONAL will no longer be available after November 4th. Please use one of our other payment methods or providers.

Aug 28 2015   Our Office will be CLOSED on Friday August 28th for walk-in customers. Sorry for any inconvenience. Online orders will still be processed normally.

July 31 2015   Our Office will be CLOSED on Monday August 3rd for the Civic Holiday. we will re-open Tuesday August 4th.

June 30 2015   Our Office will be CLOSED on Wednesday July 1st for Canada Day. we will re-open Thursday July 2nd.

May 14 2015   Our Office will be CLOSED on Monday May 18th for Victoria Day. We will re-open Tuesday May 19th.

April 2 2015   Our Office will be CLOSED on Friday April 3rd for Good Friday. We will re-open Monday April 6th.

April 2 2015   Site Design changes/improvements. Navigation & Authentication moved to top-menu bar.

Feb 13 2015   Please note our office will be closed on February 16th for Family Day

Feb 13 2015   INSTANT/Automatic processing is now available for Interac Online and Moxipay Payments once your account reaches certain criteria. Check your Account Dashboard to learn more!

Jan 15 2015   Attention Clients. Due to recent fraud attempts, we will no longer be accepting cash orders via mail if they do not include the original purchase form. Any orders received in the mail without the purchase form will be returned to sender minus the cost of return postage.

Jan 5 2015   New payment method! In-Person Bill Payment at any Money Mart, CashMoney or Instacheque location.

Dec 19 2014   Holiday Processing Times: From Dec 24 through January 4th expect delays in order processing. We will still be processing online orders, just not all day, every day like usual. Holiday Office Hours: Dec 24 9am-1pm, Dec 25th to Jan 4th we are closed. Jan 5th, back to normal.

Oct 27 2014   Are you located within Ottawa? Would you like to learn more about Bitcoins, or have friends who would like to know more? Then this upcoming local event The Resilient 21 Group hosts Bitcoins in Ottawa Seminar on November 5th, tickets are free!.

Oct 10 2014   We will be closed for the holiday Monday, we will reopen on Tuesday at 9am. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

Sept 11 2014   Reminder! You can sell your Bitcoin to us for Direct Deposit to your bank account with ZERO FEES!

August 19 2014   Please be aware that there will be a delay of up to two weeks on processing transactions from Desjardins Financial.

June 28 2014   Come join us tomorrow at The Burbs in Kanata for the launch of the new Bitcoin ATM. Also The Burbs on Tuesday, and the Clocktower (market) on Wednesday are both stops for "The North American Bitcoin Car Giveaway Tour 2014" so come by and enter for your chance to win a car or $10,000 in Bitcoins!!!!

July 15 2014   Effective immediately, we will no longer be accepting Bill Payments via Direct World. We have however expanded Bill Payments through TAYPE to include more banks. All banks are still supported for Bill Payments via MoxiPay.

July 10 2014   New Payment Method - MoxiPay allows for purchasing Bitcoins/Litecoins using your MoxiPay Mobile Wallet. Payments from MoxiPay are received in real-time on our side which allows for locking/guaranteeing the purchase rate, without waiting for days for the payment to be received on our side compared to Online Bill Payments. Simply pre-load your MoxiPay mobile wallet, and when you're ready to purchase, place an order and make a payment from your MoxiPay mobile wallet.

June 27 2014   Our Office will be working at a diminished capacity on June 30th, and will be closed for Canada day on July 1st. We will be open for regular business on Wednesday the 2nd - Thank you and have a great Canada Day!

June 16 2014   We now accept Interac® Online Payments to buy Bitcoins! (Account must be verified). We have also instituted an auto-graduation policy for users to become 'trusted' before allowed to make large Interac® Online purchases.

May 27 2014   Please be aware - With upcoming policy changes from CIBC Bank you will no longer be able to do online bill payments to Taype International, using them or PC Financial starting on the 1st of June.

May 23 2014   As of May 23, 2014, One of your two documents for proof of address and identity MUST be a current bank statement from the account you will be using to do your online bill payment and direct deposit with. It must be in your name and have a matching address to your photo ID and account information. This new requirement is to help eliminate and protect against issues of Bank fraud and identity theft. Your account will not be accepted for verification unless this is provided. Any Clients awaiting verification will recieve a notice regarding this new requirement, and how they must now provide this for account verification

May 16 2014   Reminder - our office is closed on Monday for the long weekend, we will be open again on Tuesday 9am

May 16 2014   Please be aware - With upcoming policy changes from CIBC Bank you will no longer be able to do online bill payments using them or PC Financial using your TAYPE account starting on the 1st of June. You will be able to continue using your DIRECT WORLD account without issue.

May 15 2014   Just a heads up our office is closed on Monday for the long weekend, we will be open again on Tuesday 9am

April 17 2014   Happy Easter everyone! Just a reminder our office is closed over Easter weekend, we will be open again on Tuesday 9am

April 16 2014   We now offer LITECOINS!

April 15 2014   Please be aware that our office will be closed over Easter. From Friday April 18th through Monday April 21st. We will reopen on Tuesday April 22nd.

April 2 2014   UPDATE TO VERIFICATION REQUIREMENTS. Please be aware that has updated its requirements for account verification. Specifically in what can be used as a valid Canadian Government photo ID. These changes have been made to be more compliant in regards to what FINTRAC defines as valid and acceptable. These changes are to ensure the security of our site and our Clients. Click here to see the changes to verification

March 18 2014   Statement Regarding fraudulent security intrusion at Rogers Data Centre

Feb 28 2014   Please note those who Bank with PC Financial and CIBC our Pay Provider Taype had a technical issue with them, and making payments through those two Banks will not be operational until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. Taype suggest periodically trying after 12pm EST on Saturday- Thank you

Feb 28 2014   We apologies that our interent was down for 3 hours today, we are in the process of catching up on clients emails right now

Feb 14 2014   Please note our physical Office will be closed Monday, Febuary 17th for Family Day, and will reopen on the 18th for business as usual. Best wishes and enjoy the day with your Family

Feb 3 2014   Want to keep up on Bitcoin news, follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

Jan 30 2014   Come support The Standard Tavern and pay with Bitcoins! Official Launch Party tonight!

Dec 23 2013   HOLIDAY OFFICE HOURS. Dec 23 9-5, Dec 24 9-noon, Dec 25-Jan 1 CLOSED, Jan 2 9-5. Click here for more details

Dec 3 2013   We now have cheques available again for for selling bitcoins

Nov 22 2013   New Bill Payment system in place. You can now send a bill payment and we can hold it for you until you specify for it to be processed, giving you complete control over the exchange rate you receive. From your account dashboard, click on 'bill payment preferences'

Nov 22 2013   USB Block Eruptors still for sale. Price is now cut to 0.30BTC per box of 10. Free shipping in Canada. Email [email protected] to purchase.

Nov 22 2013   Cheques are temporarily disabled until new ones arrive from the bank

Nov 5 2013   Direct Deposit is now FREE!

Nov 4 2013   USB Block Eruptors still for sale. Price is now cut to 0.40BTC per box of 10. Free shipping in Canada. Email [email protected] to purchase.

Oct 29 2013   USB Block Eruptors still for sale. Price is now cut to 0.60BTC per box of 10. Free shipping in Canada. Email [email protected] to purchase.

Oct 17 2013   We have a few boxes of USB Block Eruptors still for sale. Price is now cut to 0.85BTC per box of 10. Free shipping in Canada. Email [email protected] to purchase.

Sept 29 2013   We now have a few boxes of USB Block Eruptors for sale. 1.45BTC per box of 10, free shipping (Canada only). Email [email protected] to purchase. Limited supply.

Sept 23 2013   Thanks everyone for your patience as we work through our verification backlog. We now have added additional staff to work through the verification backlog and expected to be fully caught up within a week. If you are awaiting phone verification, please expect a phone call in the next few days!

Aug 6 2013   TAYPE INTERNATIONAL has been temporarily replaced with DIRECT WORLD for all Bill Payment Banks. Please do not send any payments to your TAYPE payee if you already have one setup in your online banking.

Jul 18 2013   We are working through the backlog of verifications. 2-4 business days is a normal timeframe to expect after submitting documents. Please answer your phone when we call to ensure timely verification.

Jul 3 2013   Sorry for the downtime, we were/are the target of a DDOS :(

Jun 21 2013   Cash deposit at BMO and CIBC are disabled until further notice. Please get verified and use Bill Payment

Jun 21 2013   Authentication/Login is now required for all orders (buying or selling). Creating an account is easy

Jun 19 2013   Reduced Direct Deposit Fee from $5 to $3.

Jun 19 2013   Clarification on Bill Payments - There is NO RATE GUARANTEE. Banks take anywhere from 1-3 business days to process bill payments, so orders may be adjusted to the current rate at the time of receipt of payment from the bank.

Jun 3 2013   Bill Payment from TD Canada Trust are NOW AVAILABLE!

May 22 2013   Bill Payment from TD Canada Trust are not possible at this time. We are looking into alternatives.

May 1 2013   Direct Deposit to any Canadian Bank is now available to SELL bitcoins for VERIFIED ACCOUNTS ONLY

Apr 25 2013   Online Bill Payment is NOW AVAILABLE to BUY bitcoins for VERIFIED ACCOUNTS ONLY

Apr 23 2013   GET VERIFIED! We will be adding Bill Payment (for BUYing) and Direct Deposits (for SELLing) soon, but will require accounts to be 'verified' before using these methods. Get a head start and get verified now, so you're ready when the new options become available!

Apr 12 2013   Adjusted our rate calculations to use the past 12 hours of data, instead of 36 hours.

Apr 11 2013   With the extra market volatility, we've basically made our spread so huge that nobody should buy or sell right now until the market settles. Do so at your own risk. Remember all sales are final once payment is received. (NO REFUNDS).

Apr 7 2013   Reduced min sell from 2 to 1, and max sell from 50 to 25, to adjust for the increased exchange rate.

Apr 3 2013   RBC Bank has decided to close our account. As such, deposits to RBC are now unavailable, as well as direct deposit and cheques, as RBC was the main bank that we processed those payment methods from. Hard to believe that in todays world with a digital crypto-currency -- cash is king. We are working on new solutions. Stay tuned.

Mar 5 2013   Added estimated days until shipping for Cash orders. We are currently backlogged and orders will be held in queue. All other methods send payment same or next busienss day.

Mar 1 2013   March Promotion! Cheque/Lettermail and Direct Deposits will be FREE until further notice!

Feb 27 2013   Added ability to create an account and login to view past orders.

Feb 27 2013   Added Direct Deposit to Any Canadian Bank for SELLing Bitcoins.

Feb 21 2013   Added RBC Cash Deposit method for BUYing Bitcoins.

Feb 21 2013   Effective Feb 22 at 5PM, we will no longer be accepting TD Cash at Branch Deposits, or TD Payee payments to BUY or SELL Bitcoins.

Feb 21 2013   Effective Feb 22 at 5PM, we will no longer be accepting TD Cash at Branch Deposits, or TD Payee payments to BUY Bitcoins. We will continue allowing TD Payee payments to SELL Bitcoins until 5PM Tuesday Feb 26th, at which time no TD Bank payments will be available.

Feb 18 2013   Cash Sell orders are backlogged, we are looking at 5-10 business days from placing order to shipping. All other methods are still same/next business day. I highly recommend using a different method. If you have placed cash sell order and would like to switch it, please contact us.

Feb 7 2013   Reduced max sell from 150 to 100 BTC, to reflect the higher BTC price

Feb 5 2013   CIBC Cash Deposits now available for Buying Bitcoins

Jan 31 2013   Bitcoin Wallet is now synced, we're fully operational again! My apologies for the temporary downtime.

Jan 31 2013   Bitcoin Wallet is temporarily offline as we finish redownloading and rescanning the block chain after our successful migration to a new server. This means no new orders can be placed. Sorry for the Inconvenience.

Jan 25 2013   We have been swamped with SELL orders due to the recent rally, our apologies if you are trying to place a sell order and have to wait, our system will automatically open back up when the capacity is there.

Dec 24 2012   Holiday Office Hours: Dec 24 9am-1pm, Dec 27/28 9am-1pm, Dec 31: Closed. Jan 2, back to normal.

Dec 21 2012   Holiday Processing Times: From Dec 24 through January 2nd expect delays in order processing. We will still be processing orders, just not all day, every day like usual.

Dec 5 2012   Raised max buy from $1000, to $2000, adding intervals of 1250,1500,1750,2000. Also added $999 as an option for people wanting to do a $1000 TD 'instant transfer', which has a max imposed by TD of $1000/24h (so the random cents was causing it to be over $1000)

Nov 12 2012   Please be advised that Canadian Banks and Canada Post are closed today. Any deposits, payments, or transfers made today or over the weekend will not appear or be processed until tomrorow (Tuesday).

Nov 9 2012   12:45pm: we have now sold out of the 1000BTC we set aside for the 10% off discount. Promo code 'btcfriday' will now only be 5% discount.

Nov 9 2012   It's Bitcoin Friday! 10% off Buying Bitcoins (while supplies last!), use promo code 'btcfriday'

Oct 23 2012   New reputation system launching soon, make sure you use your email address for all orders so they'll count for rep in the future.

Oct 20 2012   Added Cash/In Person Pickup (Ottawa) option for selling Bitcoins.

July 31th 2012   Removed Western Union. They are a bunch of asshats and have been 'returning' a lot of transactions for 'security reasons' and wont give any more details. Use TD Cash at Branch, or Cash/Xpresspost. Both are cheaper and easier.

July 19th 2012   Due to the recent increase in Bitcoin/CAD rate, we have reduced the maximum for selling Bitcoins from 200 to 150

June 21 2012   Sorry, but we have had to raise our Cash/XPressPost fee's by $5, Regional went from $10 to $15, and National went from $15 to $20.

June 8 2012   Havelock Investments Mining Fund Launched!

May 23 2012   EMT Now available again for SELLING to all customers

May 23 2012   EMT Now available again for BUYING for KNOWN TRUSTED/PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS. Email us to find out how to get access

May 10 2012   Sell form was broken, sorry about that. Fixed now!

May 2 2012   This week only! buy Bitcoins on sale with cash payment options! promo code: CASH

Apr 12 2012   TD Bank Personal Payee option now available to BUY Bitcoins (as well as Sell). If you do it through Easyline(phone) its INSTANT. Easyweb(online) is next business day.

Apr 5 2012   We will be closed for holidays from Friday April 6th through Monday April 9th. We will be back in full swing on the tenth.

Apr 4 2012   EMT feature no longer available. Fuck you fraudsters.

Mar 23 2012   We have temporarily disabled EMT for NEW customers. This does not affect previous customers. New customers may use WU or Cash. We expect to re-open EMT for new customers around April 4th. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mar 19 2012   Autograduation first few levels changed back to $20,$40,$50 required in sequence. Sorry, blame the fraudster.

Mar 19 2012   Sorry for the delay in processing Sunday's EMT orders. They will be processed (hopefully) in the next few hours.

Mar 13 2012   to get promo codes for special deals & discounts!

Mar 6 2012   Changed first autograduation interac level from $20 to $50 (so 20,40,50 will all be available to first-time customers)

Mar 2, 2012   Western Union transfers must now be sent as $CAD. (sorry, the conversion was killing us!), however, promo code 'cash' now applies to Western Union as well!

Feb 24, 2012   For a limited time, enter Promo Code cash at the bottom of the site for discounts on cash orders.

Feb 21, 2012   $USD Western Union now accepted to BUY Bitcoins! No currency conversion charges (1CAD=1USD).

Feb 15, 2012   $USD CASH/Courier now accepted to BUY Bitcoins! No currency conversion charges (1CAD=1USD)

Feb 9, 2012   Add separately tracked limit for email Transfers, if EMT is unavailable due to banking limits, other methods can still be used.

Feb 9, 2012   Raised Sell Limit to 200BTC. Added TD Bank Personal Payee option

Feb 3, 2012   Email Transfer limits still 100BTC/order. Workign on separating limits for different payment types

Feb 3, 2012   Email Transfers for SELLing re-enabled. Lowered volume limits (temporarily I hope)...

Jan 31, 2012   Added Price Graph. Nothing fancy, but kinda neat.

Jan 10, 2012   Changed EMT auto-graduate levels from 20,40,60,80,100 to 20,50,80,100 to allow faster 'level-ups'

Jan 9, 2012   Added rate stability information - as Stability increases, buy/sell rate spread will automatically decrease (and vice-versa)

Dec 30, 2011   SSL Certificate now active, for guaranteed secure transactions!

Dec 27, 2011   Reducing auto-graduation period from 36h to 24h per transaction

Dec 23, 2011   Oops, upgraded server and forgot to run Bitcoin daemon again, sorry about that! Should be back online now!

Dec 8, 2011   Reduced spread percent

Dec 7, 2011   Migrated to new server, SSL Certificate coming soon

Nov 2, 2011   Reducing auto-graduation period from 48h to 36h per transaction

Oct 13, 2011   Raising maximum SELL from 100BTC to 200BTC

Sep 26, 2011   EMT for BUYing is re-enabled on an auto-graduation system. Click here to learn how it works.

Sep 20, 2011   EMT for SELLing is re-enabled. EMT for BUYing is still disabled.

Sep 14, 2011   EMT Completely disabled for 1 week. thanks fraudsters. f u! working with the bank to get things sorted out....

Sep 12, 2011   EMT for BUYing Bitcoins re-enabled for Canadian IP's

Sep 8, 2011   EMT for BUYing Bitcoins is temporarily(/permanently?) disabled. Damn you fraudsters. EMT for selling is still active

Aug 23, 2011   Reduced spread percent. Raised maximum BUY from $300 to $500 CAD. Raised maximum SELL from 50 to 75 BTC.

Aug 6, 2011   Raising maximum BUY from $200 to $300 CAD. Raising minimum SELL from 1 to 2 BTC.

Jul 22, 2011   Raising daily limits from 100 to 500BTC/day, and raising max SELL from 20 to 50 BTC

Jul 10, 2011   Continuing Soft Launch. 100BTC/day volume max. We now accept Interac Email Transfer for BUYing Bitcoins!

Jul 9, 2011   Continuing Soft Launch. 100BTC/day volume max. Interac Email Transfer for BUYing coming later today or tomorrow.

Jul 5, 2011   Launch Date! We are performing a 'soft throttled launch'. Maximum total volume BUY and SELL per 24h is 100BTC each. If these limits are exceeded the site will automatically disable the appropriate form. This is for your safety as well as mine :)