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Interac® Email Transfer Request (FREE)
  • Fixed rate for 3 hours
  • For large Email Transfers $500 and up
  • Available at most banks
  • Auto-graduation system in place (learn more)
Bill Payment from Online Banking (1.5%)
  • Available at most banks and credit unions
  • No fixed rate due to bank processing time (1-3 business days)
Use account balance (FREE)
Flexepin Voucher (1.5%)
Credit Card (12%)
  • Fixed rate for 10 minutes
  • Auto-graduation system in place (learn more)
  • You need to first add a card here
Direct Debit from your Bank Account (FREE)
Cash via Mail/Courier (FREE)
  • Fixed rate for 24 hours
Cash in Person (Ottawa) (FREE)
  • Fixed rate for 3 hours


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