Feb 12 2019   Our office will be closing at noon today Feb 12th due to the incoming storm. We will most likely also be closed all day Wednesday Feb 13. We will re-open on Thursday Feb 14.

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Interac® Email Transfer Request (FREE)
  • Fixed rate for 3 hours
  • For large Email Transfers $500 and up
  • Available at most banks
  • Auto-graduation system in place (learn more)
Interac® Email Transfer (<$500) (2%)
  • Fixed rate for 1 hour
  • For small Email Transfers $50-$450 only
  • Available at most banks
Bill Payment from Online Banking (1.5%)
  • Available at most banks and credit unions
  • No fixed rate due to bank processing time (1-3 business days)
Use account balance (FREE)
Flexepin Voucher (1.5%)
Credit Card (12%)
  • Fixed rate for 10 minutes
  • Auto-graduation system in place (learn more)
  • You need to first add a card here
Direct Debit from your Bank Account (FREE)
Cash via Mail/Courier (FREE)
  • Fixed rate for 24 hours
Cash in Person (Ottawa) (FREE)
  • Fixed rate for 3 hours
Debit in Person (Ottawa) ($3)
  • Fixed rate for 3 hours


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